Master Technician. Shop Owner. Writer. Speaker. Educator. TV Personality. I'm passionate about empowering others through the knowledge of automotive basics, promoting women in the automotive industry, and creating a healthier relationship between owners, their cars, and the automotive repair process. When I am teaching about cars and getting people excited about what they are capable of, is when I am at my happiest.
Under the Hood Car Care Classes are designed as a basic car care class with women in mind. The goal of the classes is to introduce women to the concept of basic care and handling of automotive vehicles. In the course, information will cover: * How to change a tire. * How to check fluids. * The basics of braking systems. * How suspension works. * An introduction of what’s under your hood. * How to replace wiper blades. Read More
She recently entered her second season as one of the 3-girl crew on the Velocity Channel's All Girls Garage. She's happinest when teaching and empowering others whether it's about cars, growing a small business or taking on your fears-and she loves to be part of the excitement when women (and men) discover that what thet once found intimidating can be energizing and freeing. Read More
* Phoenix local channel 3. 8 segments offering basic car care tips.  2009,2010 * CBS evening news segment with Steve Hartman. November 2010 * Arizona Republic * Phoenix Business Journal.  * Crave Phoenix - a book of female business owners. 2011 * Autozone Spokesperson. Winter 2009 Read More
* Ignite Phoenix 10. 2011 * Nerd Nite Phoenix. 2011 * “The Event” CinRon Marketing. Las Vegas, NV. October 2011 * University of Pittsburg, Women’s Studies Department. Pittsburg, PA. April 2011 * East Valley Institute of Technology. Nov. 2010 * Changing Hands Book Store. Phoenix, AZ. Read More
In addition to operating and managing 180 Degrees Automotive, Bogi teaches (and her shop offers) car-care classe for women. She also leads automotive workshops, does personal and business coaching and makes presentations on a wide range of automotive and business topics all over America. Read More
Bogi is a master mechanic and owner of the award winning auto repair shop , 180 Degrees Automotive in Phoenix, Arizona. A writer, a speaker, and a teacher, Bogi is passionate about improving the reputation of the automotive industry and changing the way women, in particular, feel about cars and the automotive repair experience. Bogi teaches automotive basics to women around the country, consults and teaches classes to repair shop owners and other small business owners, and appears as one of three female mechanics on All Girls Garage on Velocity Channel. Read More

Chevy MontageTruck Project

Beginning with a blank slate, this '57 Chevy Pickup will be transformed with a surprise power plant by Bogi and an all-female band of builders. Coming SEMA 2017.

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Her first car experience came in the shape of an old Volkswagen Bug. She was sixteen. Multiple trips to the repair shop, however, left her hating the way she’d been treated and filled her with anxiety. She enrolled in her school’s auto shop. With the help of a few good mentors and a couple good books, she completed a ground-up restoration of her beloved bug, building her confidence in the process.

Bogi graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Ohio’s Oberlin College, in just three years, with a double major in Women’s Studies and Pre-Law (and a minor in Politics). She had her sights on Harvard Law, but the headier things got, the more she missed working with her hands, using them to fix cars. She made an about-face and moved to Phoenix. She graduated from Universal Technical Institute and went job-hunting. It was a difficult time and work was elusive, but it increased her compassion for ...

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