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Bogi's Garage | $4.4K Raised To Further Montage Project
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$4.4K Raised To Further Montage Project

$4.4K Raised To Further Montage Project

An Indiegogo campaign recently ended that asked people to help support the goals of the Chevy Montage build, resulting in $4,465 raised. These funds will go to further the effort to involve a greater number of women in the build as well as providing hands-on workshops to women of all skill levels.

Together we will be rebuilding a vehicle, as unique as the women working on it, and making a series of instructional videos, sharing expertise and skills in the process.

Here, Montage refers to the mash-up of a vintage domestic truck, which will be installed with a modern engine. And it’s also about being built by women from all over the country, with experts to enthusiasts all working together to contribute to the build.

This build will have experts mentoring and guiding enthusiasts in a women-centered garage space. Throughout the year, these experts will be teaching workshops on topics such as welding, upholstery, pin-striping, metal working, detailing, and more. They’ll be answering questions, sharing their depth of knowledge, and co-creating an online archive of learning tools to encourage all enthusiasts from the armchair viewer to the technically-minded.

And it’s the first of its kind! Never before has such a collaborative space been launched, to welcome the open sharing of knowledge and technical expertise in a space that breaks down barriers. We can’t wait to get started, and we’re hoping you can help to expand the reach of this project, to inspire women across the globe to consider picking up a wrench, body hammer or paint gun.

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