Bogi is very grateful for getting to be part of 'All Girls Garage' heading into it's fifth season. “At my shop, we mostly do repairs," says Bogi. "We don’t really do a lot of modifications and performance stuff, so being a part of ‘All Girls Garage’ and Velocity has been a great opportunity to get involved in a wide range of projects. We get to work on everything from old barn finds that need to be completely rebuilt to brand-new Corvettes and motorcycle builds.”

All Girls Garage | Under the Hood with Bogi

Bogi is also grateful that she has been able to partner with Christy Lee and Rachel DeBarros her current co-hosts, and Jessie Combs who was on the show for the first three years and was replaced by Rachel DeBarros.

All Girls Garage | Under the Hood with Bogi image #2

The women of “All Girls Garage,” have done a great job representing all the women working in the grease-covered, male-dominated world of automotive repair. “We get notes from women from all over the country. Some work in the industry and many are women who didn't think they had the know-how to work on cars and are now getting their hands dirty." All Girls Garage is inspiring the next generation of women who want to work on their own cars and end up developing a lifelong passion, and some, like Bogi, develop that passion into a career.

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