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Bogi's Garage | What I Do
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What I Do

ASE Master Technician

After graduating from Oberlin College, Bogi changed direction and headed to Universal Technical Institute to become a mechanic instead. Graduating and working at BMW Dealerships gave her the experience she needed to reach ASE’s highest Master Tech certification. Bogi then decided to work for herself, first working in her driveway before opening up a storefront automotive shop. “Insert quote here about working on cars”

Auto Shop Owner

180° Automotive is Bogi’s award winning auto repair shop in Phoenix Arizona. Their tag line is, “We make cars less scary.”

Bogi’s vision for 180° Degrees Automotive is to provide individualized automotive repair service and educational programs about automobile maintenance, and to break the stereotype that “women don’t know anything about cars.” Her mission is to inform and empower her clients to take an active role in caring for their vehicles, and to encourage other women to pursue careers as auto mechanics.


Grateful for the opportunity to take her passion to cars to a bigger stage, Bogi has been co-host of Velocity’s All Girls Garage since the show first launched in 2012. “We get notes from women from all over the country. Some work in the industry and many are women who didn’t think they had the know-how to work on cars and are now getting their hands dirty.” All Girls Garage is inspiring the next generation of women who want to work on their own cars and end up developing a lifelong passion, and some, like Bogi, develop that passion into a career. Catch episodes with Bogi alongside Cristy Lee and Rachel DeBarros on Velocity channel.


Her mix of knowledge, professionalism & humor make Bogi a standout choice to be the brand voice and personality your automotive company needs to help you reach, engage and win over customers. Some of the ways you can put Bogi’s winning formula to work for you are:

  • Car & Trade Show Appearances
  • Training Classes & Videos
  • Social Content Campaigns
  • Influencer Engagement
  • Spokesperson

Bogi walks the walk and is regarded as a down-to-earth automotive professional and genuine gearhead.



Bogi welds industry-proven knowledge with a distinct command for authentically engaging an audience. Passionate about improving the automotive industry, giving tools to excel and fostering the next generation of automotive professionals–Bogi’s unique voice and insight can help to communicate, engage and inspire your audience.


When not filming All Girls Garage or running the shop, you can find Bogi teaching management classes for shop owners all around the country. Bogi’s passion for the industry and changing the way people think about technicians and auto repair is infectious and motivating. She teaches regularly for WorldPac Training Institute on relationship marketing and delivering world class customer service.


One of Bogi’s favorite jobs is teaching, and she does it on the regular. At her shop in Phoenix, Bogi offers regular “Under the Hood” car care classes for women in her community. These classes cover the basics of car maintenance and empowering women students to be a more educated car owner. Some of the skills covered in class include:

  • How to change a tire
  • How to check fluids
  • The basics of braking systems
  • How suspension works
  • An introduction of what’s under your hood
  • How to replace wiper blades

While the goal of the classes is to share automotive knowledge, many students walk away with a sense of empowerment that, “I can do this!”

Bogi is also available to book for car care classes at your community event, business engagement or automotive facility.


The Chevy Montage, is a ’57 Chevy pickup all-female build. Bogi is excited about giving women the opportunity to explore specialty careers in the automotive industry through this project. Bogi’s Garage will be providing hands-on-training with female industry experts and building community with women to share and support their passion for working on cars.

The truck will be revealed November 1st, 2017 at the SEMA Show.