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Bogi teaches her 'Under the Hood' class at her shop '180 Degrees Automotive' in Phoenix Arizona on a regular basis. 'Under the Hood' Car Care Classes are designed as a basic car care class with women in mind. In addition to the individual components, Bogi talks about the importance of maintenance and how to ask the right questions. Being involved in the maintenance of your vehicle will save yourself time and money and get you the most out of your car ownership experience.

While the goal of the classes is to introduce women to the concept of basic care and handling of automotive vehicles, many students find that they also walk away with an overall sense of “I can do this!” and a more general sense of being able to accomplish other things that may have seemed more challenging in the past.
Here are the skills covered in class:

  • How to change a tire.
  • How to check fluids.
  • The basics of braking systems.
  • How suspension works.
  • An introduction of what’s under your hood.
  • How to replace wiper blades.





Here are two other options for car care classes.

A Private groups or events is limited to 15 people per session. This option is available for mixed genders if you want. Bogi has helped girl scouts troop earn their auto repair badge and facilitated corporate bonding retreats.  You can bring your group to Bogi's shop, or you can bring Bogi to your private party.

Other Automotive Facilities: Many shop owners from around the country have had Bogi come in and teach a Women's car care class in their shop. There are huge benefits to hire Bogi to teach the car care classes.  The biggest benefit is having a female automotive expert teach your female customers and other women from your community. Women respond differently to female instructors than they do to male instructors, which is unique to Bogi's service. Today the average repair shop women make up 60 or more percent of the customer base, so marketing your auto repair shop or dealership as female-focused, female-friendly is extremely important. Offering the car care clinic to the women in your community establishes you as a repair facility that cares and is willing to educate the consumers and create relationships. On average, 80 percent of participants of car care classes will become loyal customers. There are two other high value benefits to having Bogi teach a class at your shop are: 1) She can help you market the class effectively. 2) You will also be a student in the class - but you will be learning how to give a dynamic and fun class. Then, in the future, you could teach your next class or bring Bogi back to do it for you.

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