When not filming All Girls Garage or running the shop, you can find Bogi teaching management classes for shop owners all around the country.  Bogi's passion for the industry and changing the way people think about technicians and auto repair is infectious and motivating.  She teaches regularly for WorldPac Training Institute on relationship marketing and delivering world class customer service.

Shop Management Training | Under the Hood with Bogi

Here are a few comments from some attendees of Bogi's management classes:
After hearing Bogi's name and her Creating a Buzz class come up a couple of times at other courses and from fellow shop owners I decided to see for myself what it was exactly all about. I've been to countless seminars on sales and management but Bogi's class was a completely different approach. She really has some great ideas that not only shop owners but any business owner would benefit from applying to their businesses. Its now been about 5 weeks since the course and everyday I look around and try to figure out what I can do to improve my operation using her concepts and the results have proven it works! I am getting a higher caliber customer, not working as frantically and still growing my business and my customers have noticed it as well. All in all it was well worth the day trip from LA to Portland.  - Ronaldo H.

I just wanted to report my great experience at the Creating a Buzz class put on by WorldPac. The instructor is Bogi Lateiner of 180 Degree Automotive and the All Girls Garage on the Velocity Channel. You may remember her from her AMAZING waiting/lobby area that doubles as an art gallery. Really awesome if you haven't seen it just google 180 Degree Automotive.Anyway the short of it is the class is GREAT for those of you whom are always asking about marketing tips and what to do. Its also a good primer for a lot of the older owners that feel they don't have a connection with the millennial generation. There is a lot of really really good information in this class. I personally got a lot out of it and even for those whom have been exposed to a lot of this material its great to be exposed to it again. You probably haven't implemented everything you wanted to from other training classes or good ideas you've heard. This is like a shot of adrenaline to get your butt into gear to actually get some of those marketing initiatives started! Bogi is a great instructor and you can certainly tell her passion for the industry. Definitely aligns with my WHY (you'll learn about that in the class). I highly recommend this class. I have no affiliation to WorldPac but I figured you guys would get a lot of value from it.  - Adam L.

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