Bogi started her love affair with cars when she was sixteen. She bought an old VW Bug and after multiple bad experiences with repair shops she enrolled in her high school’s auto shop so she could work on her own car. With the help of mentors and books, she did a complete restoration of her beloved bug, building her confidence and her passion for working on cars in the process.

Bogi was pushed from an early age to go to college. She attended Oberlin College with a double major in Women’s Studies and Pre-Law and a minor in Politics. She graduated Phi Beta Kappa in just three years. At first she had her sights on Harvard Law school, but after really thinking about what she wanted to do with the rest of her life, she made an about-face and moved to Phoenix to attend Universal Technical Institute to be a mechanic.

After graduating from UTI, Bogi had a difficult time finding someone to hire her and finally found a home with BMW Dealerships. There was a lot about working at the dealership that she found frustrating, and after six years Bogi quit her job and started working on friends cars in her driveway. After eighteen months, her reputation as a topnotch mechanic grew to the point where she couldn’t keep up with the work load. So at the age of twenty nine, she took a huge step and leased a building, hired some employees and officially opened her own shop.

180 Degrees Automotive opened its doors in 2007.  

Women Car Care Classes

Bogi is starting her firfth season co-hosting All Girls Garage on Velocity TV.

The Chevy Montage is Bogi's latest project

Frequently Asked Questions:

How did Bogi get her name?
Sarah is Bogi’s real name.  She lived in Hungary for a year in high school through an exchange program with Rotary International.  In Hungarian, Sarah, sounds a little bit like a curse word. As Bogi explains, “My Hungarian friends gave me a new name; Boglarka, which is a type of flower and that turned into Bogi which actually means beetle, and the VW Beetle is the car that got me started down this automotive path. So, it stuck for multiple reasons.”

Does Bogi still have her original WV Bug?
Yes she does. Her beloved bug needs another complete restoration to get it back on the road and is on her list of projects to do with the Montage of women professionals and hobbyists from across the country.

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